Bac Yen Tourism – Potential, Current Situation and Development Orientation


Tòng Thị Quỳnh Hương

15th International Conference on Social-econ

Bac Yen Tourism – Potential, Current Situation and Development Orientation

Ma. Tong Thi Quynh Huong, Dr. Pham Anh Tuan

Faculty of Social Sciences, Tay Bac University, Son La, Vietnam


Bac Yen is a highland district of Son La province, this land is the residence of many ethnic minorities with diverse traditional cultures. The district has rich natural and humanistic tourism resources, many tourist attractions have been exploited early, attracting many tourists and bringing about high economic efficiency. However, the achievements of Bac Yen’s tourism industry are still quite modest, not clearly showing the role of the industry in the economy. On the other hand, tourism development is sometimes not sustainable, there are many challenges to face. In this article, the authors briefly assess the potentials for tourism development in Bac Yen, clarify the achievements as well as some limitations, and give appropriate tourism development orientations of the district more reasonable.


Bac Yen, routes – tourist attractions, tourism, travel resources.

  1. Introduction

Bac Yen is a highland district located in the southeast of Son La province. The district has a convenient location when it is 100 km from the center of Son La city to the northeast, about 200 km from Hanoi city to the southeast. With rich tourism resources including natural and human resources, in recent years, Bac Yen has been known as an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Bac Yen is famous for many beautiful natural landscapes, both wild, poetic and majestic of the Northwest mountains; at the same time, this is also a land with a long history with rich and diverse cultural traditions, imbued with the identity of 7 ethnic groups living together (Thai, Muong, Mong, Dao, Kinh, Tay, Kho Mu). Those are great potentials for Bac Yen to develop a variety of tourism types, from community, ecological and cultural tourism to discovery and adventure tourism…

In fact, the number of tourists coming to Bac Yen is increasing day by day, Bac Yen tourism industry has gradually positioned itself as a destination brand, which brings great revenue and opportunities to promote and introduce nature. nature, culture and people of Bac Yen with all parts of the country and the world.

However, compared with the potential of available tourism resources, the achievements of Bac Yen tourism are only the first step, still very small and not commensurate with the potential of the district. On the other hand, many challenges have also arisen such as landscape disruption, environmental pollution, loss of national cultural identity… Therefore, within the framework of this paper, the authors focus on assessing the potentials. potential for tourism development in Bac Yen, clarifying the tourism development picture of the district, thereby orienting products and tourism development space more rationally, effectively and sustainably.

  1. Method

The author uses professional methods to research theoretical and practical bases for tourism development, applied in research in Bac Yen district; use methods of collecting, analyzing and synthesizing documents and data; field methods, experts; Sociological investigation method aims to assess the potential, clarify the current situation of tourism development in Bac Yen, on that basis, orient the product and space for tourism development more effectively.

  1. Results

3.1. Potential for tourism development in Bac Yen district

3.1.1. Natural tourism potential

Bac Yen has high terrain with very complex characteristics, strongly fragmented, steep, many high mountains, deep crevices, small flat land area. The terrain is both diverse and majestic, with high mountain ranges (Phu Sa Phin, Hang Chu, Hang Dong, Pu Han Pao, Pu Ngan,…) interspersed with river valleys and streams, with many caves, suitable for visiting sightseeing, sightseeing, is a favorable condition for the development of tourism, sports, mountain climbing, exploration, waterfall…

Bac Yen’s climate is generally favorable for the development of a variety of crops and livestock such as: industrial crops, fruit trees, cattle raising and forestry production, on the other hand, due to the very cool climate. suitable for developing eco-tourism and resort tourism,… From October of last year to April of next year, there are often clouds on the high mountains, forming an ideal place for tourists to hunt for clouds.

Bac Yen is located in the Da River basin, with a rather thick system of rivers and streams. The water surface area of ​​Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir is large, has been bringing great benefits to the people thanks to fishing, is a potential for developing sightseeing tourism for yachts, vacationers and tourists. ecological calendar. Besides, the climate and water characteristics in 3 communes Xim Vang, Ta Xua and Hang Chu can raise salmon.

The land characteristics of the district are very suitable for special crops with high economic efficiency such as peaches, apples, Ta Xua tea, flowers such as orchids, mustard flowers, buckwheat flowers,…

On the basis of exploiting the advantages of natural conditions, Bac Yen district currently has two tourist attractions that are attracting a large number of tourists to visit and experience: Ta Xua Cloud Paradise and Dinosaur Back. in Hang Dong commune. In addition, in the district, there are many natural tourist attractions that are highly attractive to tourists such as Hua Nhan lotus pond, Ta Xua Hills, Dolphin’s Peak, Basin waterfall, and hot springs in Lao Lay and Phieng Ban villages.

Ta Xua cloud paradise in Ta Xua commune has long been described by tourists as the “heaven on earth” of the North. This is one of the beautiful and attractive cloud hunting spots in Bac Yen in particular and the Northwest in general. The best time to hunt for clouds is in the mornings from October last year to April next year, at this time Ta Xua is like a magical cloud paradise – where the Mong people walk on the clouds every day, living with clouds, wind and mountains.

Dinosaur spine belongs to Anti Tra village, Hang Dong commune. There is a mountain range stretching out into the valley thousands of meters deep called “dinosaur spine”. Conquer the spines of dinosaurs to discover the beauty of mother nature, such as clouds, waterfalls, and even terraced fields with typical Hmong techniques and methods of cultivation on rocky slopes.

Hua Nhan lotus pond is located in Hua Nhan commune, located on the top of a high mountain with a fresh and cool climate. Lotus lagoon is a valley stretching along the mountainside, lotus blooms at sunrise, flowers stretch on leaves creating a gentle and pure beauty.

It can be seen: Bac Yen has many natural advantages for tourism development, many beautiful natural landscapes have been exploited and brought about high economic efficiency.

3.1.2. Humanistic tourism potential

Bac Yen is the residence of 7 ethnic groups, this land has a long history and rich revolutionary tradition. The humanistic tourism potential of Bac Yen ethnic groups is very diverse and rich, many spots have been put into operation and attract a large number of tourists.

Typical archaeological, historical-revolutionary relics in the district include: Khe Ho ancient stone beach in Hang Chu commune and A Phu couple’s cave in Hong Ngai commune.

Khe Ho ancient stone carving beach is located in the middle of a valley about 50 hectares wide in Hang Chu village. At this rocky beach, there are 9 carved granite blocks, divided into 6 clusters located 50-200m apart. On the faces of these blocks, there are many engravings with unique shapes with different themes, reflecting the aesthetic thinking and feelings of people in contemporary social activities. Khe Ho ancient stone beach is not only a unique work of art but also contains many values ​​of culture, history, beliefs and scientific research values.

The historical site of A Phu couple’s cave, also known as Tham Cop cave, is located in Hong Ngai commune. The cave is located in the U Bo mountain range, with a length of nearly 200m, the cave’s widest place is up to 40m. Surrounding is the primeval forest, in front is the people’s cultivation. According to local history, Tham Cop cave is located in the 99 resistance base area. During the resistance war against the French, this place was chosen by the Military Intelligence Company of the General Staff to station and store weapons to find a way to overcome. Da river prepared for the Northwest campaign in 1952. It can be said that the 99 resistance base area is a relic of special historical significance, marking an important stage in the revolutionary struggle of the people of the provinces. ethnic minorities in Bac Yen district in particular and Son La province in general under the leadership of the Son La Provincial Party Committee.

About 20m south of A Phu cave, there is a water cave. The entrance to the cave is about 5m deep underground. The cave is about 300m long. The cave is dark, with a width of about 7m, from the floor to the ceiling, the average height is about 10-12m, in some places it is only 4-5m high. The cave floor is a stream flowing along the cave. From the entrance of A Phu Cave, tourists can freely admire the beauty of the Northwest mountains, watch the peaceful and poetic Da River and experience the life of the Thai, Muong and Dao ethnic groups with extremely cultural features. Uniquely along the Da River.

Along with historical values, Tham Cop cave has entered literature with another name: “A Phu couple’s” cave, a name associated with the famous literary work “A Phu couple” by writer To Hoai. In recent years, the number of tourists coming to contact and visit the cave has increased more and more through the commune, which shows that the “A Phu couple” cave is becoming a “unique” highlight of Bac Yen tourism.

Folk festivals: It can be said that the festival system of ethnic groups in Bac Yen district is quite rich and unique. This is not only a place for community cohesion, preservation, education, and transmission of good cultural values ​​of the ethnic group, but also a very important human resource for economic development and local tourism. The most typical festivals such as Xen Muong, Xen Ban of Thai, Muong; New rice festival of the Mong people…

The festival of Xen Ban and Xen Muong in the blooming season is a festival for Thai people to pray for good luck and harvest, this is a very important cultural and religious activity for the community. They put into it their great wishes for a peaceful and prosperous life in Muong village, and at the same time, it is also an opportunity to compete and have fun, boys and girls learn and feel through singing and playing the piano. They pray to the God of Water to bless the rain, good weather, good crops, good health, peaceful village; at the same time, to thank the gods for giving the villagers a bountiful harvest, bringing prosperity to the village, to the community, to all people. In addition, there are many traditional folk games of the nation such as: drumming gongs, playing chess, throwing con, playing odd, singing and answering contests, playing the flute, playing the flute… These games have been closely associated with the Thai people. Since childhood, it has become a feature in the culture of the ethnic community.

For the Mong people in Son La in general and the Mong people in Bac Yen in particular, the rice celebration has long been an important ritual in the spiritual life of the people here. Because it is an important holiday, family members always gather around the tray to express gratitude to ancestors and heaven and earth. The new rice offering ceremony is chosen as a beautiful day, after the last bag of rice is brought home from the fields, then the Mong people will hold a new rice festival. For the Mong, when rice is brought back, everyone in the family cannot eat it before the ancestors, especially the head of the family. Only when the ancestor worship is finished, the head of the family can eat. In Bac Yen, the Mong live at an altitude of over 1800m, scattered on the slopes of the high mountains, their economy is mainly dependent on shifting cultivation and forestry, they can only grow a single upland rice crop in a year. a year, so the new rice celebration plays an extremely important role.

In addition, in Bac Yen, there are many traditional festivals that are being restored and preserved such as: Cau Autumn Festival of the Dao ethnic group – Phieng Con commune; Xen Ban Festival of the Thai ethnic group Cang village – Phieng Ban commune, Culture and sport festival in Hang Chu commune…

Culinary culture: As a district with many ethnic groups living together, Bac Yen’s cuisine is also very diverse and rich, bearing the characteristics of the Northwest region, especially the cuisine of the Thai, Muong, and Mong people. With the cuisine of Bac Yen in general, of the Thai, Muong, and Mong in particular, the locality and ethnicity are deeply imprinted through the exploitation and processing of dishes. From ingredients, processing, presentation, enjoyment… creating its own uniqueness and appeal. Currently, these products are not only served to tourists with local needs, but also become commodity products (gifts) that follow tourists when they return to their families: Lam rice, seven-color sticky rice, buffalo meat kitchen counter, vegetables, spices…

In addition, there are many products of the district that are known and popular by tourists such as: Hang Chu wine, apple cat, Ta Xua Shan Tuyet tea, Hang Dong chili bamboo shoots…

Ta Xua Shan Tuyet tea is hundreds of years old, associated with the history, culture and lifestyle of the Mong people. The tea forest here naturally exists at the same time, without any human influence or care. Ta Xua Shan Tuyet tea has white buds, yellow wings, big leaves, and what makes Ta Xua tea special is that all the drying stages are done by hand. It is from the elaborate stages of making tea that the people consider this as a precious gift to entertain guests on important occasions. This is considered one of the beauties and typical specialties of Ta Xua highland.

Coming to Hang Chu, it is impossible not to enjoy the wine with the strange aroma of forest leaves, the rich taste of upland rice. Hang Chu wine is produced entirely from carefully selected rice, along with herbs, yeasts for brewing are also traditional yeasts. The fermentation is done meticulously and carefully, wine distillation is also an extremely important step. The longer the wine is left, the better it is, so when it’s finished, the people here often brew the wine in jars, if the house has the conditions, it will brew on the ground for more than 1 year, then bring it out to drink. This wine was previously made by the Mong people to worship the land, heaven and ancestors on important occasions such as anniversaries, Tet, village festivals and treat distinguished guests. Up to now, with convenient transportation, Hang Chu wine has become a specialty gift and a commodity of the Mong people in the highlands of Bac Yen.

Traditional folk art: In addition to the above types, the folklore of the ethnic groups in Bac Yen district also has many unique folk songs and dances: Xoe dance, bamboo dance of the Thai and Muong ethnic groups; flute dance, lip lute of the Mong ethnic group, bell dance of the Dao ethnic group, and counter singing of the Muong people; The fairs bear the characteristics of the Northwest mountains and forests; games and performances in the festival: Throwing balls, Throwing pa pao, pushing sticks, Tulu, shooting crossbows…; Traditional crafts: brocade, bamboo and rattan… These are all sources of folklore capital that can become materials for designing and building unique and attractive tourism-supporting products and activities guide.

It can be seen that Bac Yen has many advantages for tourism development, the richness of tourism resources has created an attractiveness and is an important basis for diversifying tourism activities. Coming to Bac Yen, tourists can not only discover the beautiful, fresh and majestic natural scenery, but also have many experiences when participating in traditional cultural festivals; participate in fairs and love markets typical of the Northwestern people; learn about the unique customs and practices of the ethnic minorities here; participate in folk games; enjoy traditional dishes…

3.2. Overview of the current situation of tourism development in Bac Yen

Along with the development of tourism in Son La province, tourism in Bac Yen has achieved remarkable achievements. Currently, the district is located in Phu Yen – Bac Yen tourist cluster, connected by important traffic routes: 37, 43 and Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir.

In recent years, Bac Yen district has implemented many policies and measures to focus on promoting tourism development, especially community-based tourism in association with preserving national cultural identity, contributing to economic growth local society with tourism products such as: “Phuot” tourism, national cultural experience tourism, eco-tourism, caves, adventure sports, discovery… at the same time focusing on collecting income. attract investment, improve the quality of infrastructure, develop accompanying services to serve well, with quality, and attract domestic and foreign tourists.

The district has also enhanced the promotion of images, natural beauty and ethnic cultures on the mass media, so the tourism development of Bac Yen has achieved quite positive results. The number of tourists to Bac Yen in the period 2015 – 2019 is constantly increasing at the rate of 19%/year. In 2018 reached over 30,000 turns of people, revenue reached 16.2 billion; In the first 6 months of 2019, there were 19,584 arrivals, of which 169 were international visitors, the revenue was estimated at about 9 billion VND [1, 26], [2, 11]. Bac Yen district is striving to turn tourism development into one of the important economic sectors, actively contributing to hunger eradication, poverty alleviation, and raising people’s incomes.

Bac Yen tourism achieved the above positive results due to a number of basic reasons. First of all, the district has soon identified the potential and advantages of tourism development and created conditions for tourism to gradually become an important economic sector in the general economic structure. In addition, the district has issued many policies to encourage investment incentives and expand production and business activities. Secondly, initially, there was effective coordination between all levels, sectors, districts in the province – especially the coordination between the Department of Culture and Information and the grassroots in the management and operation of tourism activities, remove the remaining problems. Simultaneously, the awareness of tourism economic development among people of all walks of life, especially in the residential community in the tourist destinations of Bac Yen has been enhanced.

However, compared with the potential of available tourism resources, the achievements of Bac Yen tourism are only the first step, still very small and not commensurate with the potential. Many limitations and challenges have emerged, which require quick remedial action. That is the fragmentation in tourism development of the district, the tourism products are not attractive and attractive. Currently, tourism activities in the district are mainly enjoying and photographing natural landscapes, forms of cultural tourism and community tourism are still limited, traditional handicraft products and local specialties are still limited inaccessible to tourists.

On the other hand, the infrastructure system for tourism is still limited; the service system of motels, hotels, food and beverage services, small-scale goods trading, is not up to standard, has not yet met the needs of tourists; Tourism promotion has not been widely deployed. Besides, the education level in Bac Yen is relatively low, the labor force is very little trained in tourism, even the households involved in the tourism service business or the district cultural manager do not have Tourism expertise leads to confusion in tourism management, conservation and restoration of cultural values.

Besides the opportunities it brings, tourism activities also have potential risks such as disrupting the natural landscape, polluting the environment and losing the local cultural identity.

3.3. Bac Yen tourism development orientation

In order to overcome the limitations and promote tourism development, Bac Yen district needs to have the right orientations and synchronously implement breakthrough solutions in line with reality. One of the urgent requirements in the current period is to properly orient and plan specialized tourism products, and at the same time identify and build key intra-regional and inter-regional tours and routes.

The first is to identify specialized tourism products of Bac Yen.

Bac Yen has the advantage to exploit different experience tourism products: backpacking on the highland roads of Bac Yen, Ta Xua rattan hunting tourism, photography of natural landscapes, sports and adventure games, experience the ancient tea hill, Son Tra forest, indigenous peach garden, horse racing festival, Ta Xua tea star, Hang Chu winemaking process, traditional ethnic festival…

Developing souvenir products such as: landscape photos, Ta Xua tea, Hang Chu wine, Son tra wine, dried apples, soaked apples, ethnic costumes, ethnic musical instruments, ethnic utensils, honey Bees, traditional remedies, typical safe fruits of Bac Yen district…

Developing a model of community-based tourism, homestay in traditional ethnic style and smart tourism, responsible tourism in a new trend.

The second is the orientation and planning of typical tourist attractions.

Currently, Bac Yen has two tourist attractions that are attracting a large number of tourists to visit and experience: Ta Xua Cloud Paradise and Dinosaur Back in Hang Dong commune. In the coming period, it is necessary to orient and build Bac Yen district to become a provincial tourist area, in which focusing on building 6 typical tourist sites: Ta Xua cloud paradise (Ta Xua commune); Dinosaur spine (Hang Dong commune); A Phu Cave (Hong Ngai Commune); Pu Nhi Pine Hill (Phieng Ban Commune); Ho Sen (Hua Nhan commune); Khe Ho ancient carved stone beach (Hang Chu commune).

The third is to identify and build key tours and routes.

  1. a) Currently, the development of tourism within the district associated with specialized tourism products plays a very important role. Associated with 6 tourist destinations planned in Bac Yen tourist area, it is possible to identify routes with the following products:

Bac Yen town – Ta Xua: experience the heaven of clouds, take pictures of natural landscapes.

Bac Yen town – Ta Xua – Hang Dong: experience adventure sports tourism: Dinosaur spine.

Bac Yen town – Hong Ngai: visit and experience caves and historical relics.

Bac Yen town – Phieng Ban: visit and experience ecotourism Pu Nhi Pine Hill.

Bac Yen town – Hang Chu visit and experience Khe Ho ancient carved stone beach.

Bac Yen town – Hua Nhan visit and experience Ho Sen in the mountains.

If associated with organizing tourism space and concretizing products, Bac Yen district can orient tourism development along two routes as follows:

Route along Da river (Including lowland communes along the river: Phieng Ban, Bac Yen town, Song Pe, Muong Khoa): Forming a tourist route for Song Da lake bed. Tourists will visit the river landscape of the lake bed (in which Bac Yen district alone has a length of over 72 km) with a quiet, peaceful scene of the Northwest mountains, visit the scenic Bac Yen town. (Ho Phieng Ban Park, Cho Phien, tourist entertainment, urban sports, tourism, …), Song Da lake bed tourism, river civilization, ecotourism, community tourism In the field, visit to learn the cultural identity – history of the cultural villages of Muong, Thai, Dao, Mong people of the lake-bed communes, take a hot mineral bath in Mon village and on both sides of the river,… On the basis of those tours, planning to build amusement parks and entertainment areas along the River are: Chieng Sai, Song Pe, Muong Khoa, Pac Nga and local cultural, cultural, sports, and cultural sites. Traditional foods are tourism products: Xoe dance, music, cuisine, wine, rice lam, throw con,… along with the investment in construction of roads along the two riverbanks, afforestation will be planned. ecology associated with watershed protection forests. This route can be associated with tours in the district such as: Tourists from Bac Yen to Hong Ngai; Bac Yen to Ta Xua – Hang Dong.

Upland route (Including the communes of Ta Xua, Hang Dong, Hong Ngai, Lang Cuu, Xim Vang and Hang Chu): This route takes advantage of the cold climate ecology of the highlands combined with the cultural characteristics of the people. The highlands are also imbued with traditional identity. Exploiting the advantages of the locality to attract tourists such as: Cultural tourism, resort, extreme sports, discovering the values ​​of wet rice civilization, terraced fields, waterfalls, lakes small electricity, associated with learning about traditional activities, unique cultural identity of ethnic minorities, highland cuisine (Ta Xua tea, forest fruit, wine and fruit juice made from Son Tra fruit); Peach, Hang Chu wine; pigs, chickens on the hill, salmon, Thang Co,…), develop traditional culture, arts and sports such as new rice eating custom, trumpet dance, leaf trumpet, pounding, push sticks, tug-of-war, shoot crossbows,… Orientation for the development and construction of holiday houses associated with the ecological environment and natural landscape. This route is associated with tours in the district such as: Tour to visit Tham Ang and Toc Tac caves, Ang village in Pac Nga commune and down the lake bed of Song Da – Hoa Binh,…

  1. b) Within Son La province, identify inter-district lines such as:

Bac Yen – Son La – Quynh Nhai: visit and experience tourism to discover the reservoir area of ​​​​Hydraulic lake, learn about historical sites.

Bac Yen – Yen Chau – Moc Chau – Van Ho: visit and experience highland tourism, historical sites.

Bac Yen – Son La – Muong La: visit and learn about Son La Hydroelectricity project, eco-tourism, discovery and relaxation (Ngoc Chien).

Bac Yen – Son La – Thuan Chau: sightseeing to learn about history, eco-tourism (Golden Forest, Pha Din…).

Bac Yen – Phu Yen – Moc Chau: sightseeing to learn about history, highland tourism.

Bac Yen – Phu Yen: visit to learn about history and ecology.

  1. c) Building inter-provincial routes, linking with the Northwest provinces to expand:

Tour, tour route Bac Yen – Yen Bai – Lao Cai – Lai Chau: visit, experience travel discovery (Kau Pha pass, Fansipan), resort (Tram Tau)…

Tour, tour route Bac Yen – Phu Tho – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang: visit to learn history (Hung Temple), ecology (tea hill), experience discovery, adventure (Happiness road, Ma pass) Pi Leng, the North Pole…).

Tour, tour route Bac Yen – Hoa Binh – Hanoi: visit and learn about Hoa Binh Hydropower project, cultural villages of ethnic groups; research (museums in Hanoi)…

Tour, tour route Bac Yen – Son La – Dien Bien – Lai Chau – Lao Cai – Yen Bai – Phu Tho – Hanoi: visit to learn history (Prison, Dien Bien Phu battlefield, Hung temple… ), experience discovery (Fansipan, passes), academic research (museum…).

  1. Discussion and Conclusion

Bac Yen upland district has many advantages for tourism development, both in terms of natural and human tourism resources. Bac Yen has many high mountains, deep ravines, steep slopes; has very rich vegetation, many old forests, hills, steep slopes creating beautiful natural landscapes; cool year-round climate, fresh environment; There are many precious and rare species of plants and animals, which are diverse tourism resources, ideal for sightseeing and scenic tourism activities, resort tourism, eco-tourism, sport tourism. Adventure climbing and nature exploration. From October of the previous year to April of the following year, there are often cloudy clouds creating a sea of ​​white clouds, this is a different point to attract tourists to hunt for clouds. The district is home to the Mong, Thai, Muong, and Dao people for a long time, still imbued with traditional cultural identity, which can develop community tourism, visit historical sites, homestay, etc…

In recent years, the number of tourists to Bac Yen has been increasing, tourism products are increasingly diversified, better meeting the needs of visitors. However, many environmental, landscape and cultural problems have also appeared, requiring quick remediation. Therefore, the reasonable tourism development orientation, rapid planning and synchronous implementation of a series of solutions are being actively deployed and implemented by the district, in order to build tourism into a dynamic economic sector of the district.

The most effective and practical solutions for Bac Yen at this time is to accurately identify specialized tourism products of the district, on that basis, to plan and build tourist attractions, tours – routes associated with these products. specialization products. The next step is to strengthen the promotion and promotion of the destination in the forms of: building tourism image and brand, maintaining and organizing tourism events; publish and supplement publications on tourism, design electronic travel manuals… Third is to develop infrastructure systems such as transportation, restaurants, standard hotels, and to build points of interest. waste treatment, ensuring environmental hygiene for tourists to experience at tourist sites, spots and villages. Finally, develop smart tourism, step by step create a data source for businesses and people to participate in exploiting this source for business purposes, strengthening the link between the State – Businesses – Tourists and people in areas with tourism resources.

With rich and attractive tourism potential, combined with breakthroughs, integration and sustainable development, with professionalism such as developing typical, different, attractive and unique tourism products, approach 4.0 technology, develop smart tourism to promote and attract domestic and international tourists, Bac Yen tourism will surely quickly become a driving economic industry, making a positive contribution to the tourism industry. economic restructuring, creating more jobs, eradicating hunger and reducing poverty for the people here.

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